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Engaged Couples
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“We were extremely thankful to have been able to participate in this program. What we learned will help us develop a deeper and even more meaningful relationship.”

“This was the most beneficial marriage preparation course that we could have possibly found.”

“On a scale of 1 to 10, we would rank this course a 20. We are truly thankful to have our mentors as part of our lives.”

“Our experience was so much more practical and useful than what our married friends experienced in their single day Pre-Cana classes.”

“I really liked the personalized mentor approach. The one-on-one setting is so much better than a group.”

“I felt more comfortable sharing with a couple than with a group or even a priest. In a large group, we might not have gotten specific attention.”

“The sessions were all very helpful and effective. It was a wonderful experience. We consider ourselves truly blessed to learn from an experienced mentor couple who has been married for a while and who is “Living in Love”.

Session Topics: A Mission to Love - Smart Loving with insights from your Family of Origin - Communicating for Intimacy - Sex as Sacred Body Language - Sacrament of Matrimony - Forgiveness and Healing - Becoming a Couple
Preparing to Live in Love is an extraordinarily effective scaramental preparation program that offers a practical application of John Paul II's Theology of the Body presented through the witness of a young couple who are intentionally trying to live out the Sacrament of matrimony with an attitude of other-centered generosity. The course is powerfully experiential and teaches practical skills in the ideal adult learning setting, one couple working with one couple, in the home.